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Featured Icon Styles

VirtualLNK Studios features professionally-designed icon sets in a variety of sizes and formats fit for any desktop, web, or mobile/tablet UI. With stock icon packages spanning bold, vibrant 3D inconography, to simple, toolbar-ready images, you are sure to find what you need for your next software or website project.

  • Iconix

    Our most popular 3D icons. Amazing beauty and clarity at both large and small sizes make our Iconix icon collections a fan favorite.

  • Castle

    Reminiscent of classic Microsoft Office Icons, Castle icon packs are simple and clean with subtle colors. Slight shadows provide just enough pop.

  • Vault

    Vault's perfect mix of soft and vibrant coloring is pure harmonious bliss. Their simple, yet concise designs makes them perfect for toolbar icons.

  • Aqua

    The vibrant colors and illumniated quality of Aqua can add personality and drama to both web-centric and Mac-based applications.

  • IsoSoft

    Isometric perspective never looked so good. IsoSoft bring a unique feel and professional look to any desktop or web-based software.

  • iConcept

    You won't find graphics quite like these anywhere else. iConcepts intricate details make them great for business iconography.

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Our strengths lie in understanding business requirements, staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, and providing solutions that exceed customers expectations. From Professional Icons and Web Development to 3D Animation and Photography, we offer a wide range of Multimedia Services to meet your organization's needs.

VirtualLNK can help you from start to finish with all of your graphics and multimedia needs. Save money and improve the image of your company by using utilizing the services of our skilled team of artists and graphics designers.Logos, business cards, web templates, and brochure design are just a few of the many services we offer that can help improve the marketability of your company and related services.