Custom Icons

For those with unique needs or who require exclusivity with their designs, VirtualLNK offers custom icons and application icon design services. Each image is custom drawn using the color, style, and concept requirements for your application. We encourage you to review our portfolio of stock icons to see literally thousands of images we have designed for a variety of subjects and industries. You can expect the same great quality in the custom icons we create for you.

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  • Xenocode

    Appliance and utensil icons

  • Stephen Oachs

    Redesign of existing icons

  • Quality Cube

    UI design using custom and stock icons

  • Barclays

    Toolbar icons in Windows style

  • Jeff Lindh

    Custom icons in IsoSoft style

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Pricing and Minimum Order Requirements:
If you still don't find what you are looking for in our stock collections, consider VirtualLNK's Custom Icon Design Services. We offer a variety of user interface and custom icon creation services. For a customized quote please contact us.
  • Toolbar Icons and Design
  • Application Icons (iPhone, PC, Mac, Web)
  • UI Design

We are highly-skilled in the following icon design styles:
  • Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • Mac
  • 3D / Flat / Metro / Outline
  • Unique / Other (designed specifically for customer)

To learn more please see our Custom Icons Licensing Agreement.

The best are choosing VirtualLNK and so should you:
VirtualLNK is proud to be a leader in Windows and Office Style Icon Design. Above is a small list of samples from projects we have designed for our clients. Additional samples are available by contacting us.