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For over 10 years VirtualLNK Studios has been providing world class interface design and custom graphics services. Founded by programmers and designers, we have worked hand-in-hand with software companies around the world to create breathtaking user experiences.

  • Designing Icons Since 2005
  • Over 9,000 Customers
  • Experts in Design and Usability
  • Founded by Programmers + Designers
  • We work with startups and big companies

We have over 9,000 customers from all over the world

Unlike other companies, we hand optimize each resolution

Designing a quality icon at a large resolution doesn't make you a great icon designer. True icon design talent comes only with years of experience and requires that a designer be adept in taking a large image and making it crystal clear at the smallest of sizes.

Hand-Optimized (Our Method)

We hand optimize each image pixel by pixel to make sure it's crystal clear at all resolutions.

Auto-Resized (Their Method)

This is the result of using scripts to auto-resize images and results in poor quality. The clarity gets worse as the image gets smaller.

We understand Professional Icon Design Principles

Icon design is unlike other fields of graphic design and requires a unique skillset. This is why you should only purchase icon sets and custom icon design services from a company who specializes in this area and has the experience to match.

Icon Perspectives

Consistent icon perspectives are absolutely critical in the design of 3D icons. They are essential for creating consistency throughout your interface.

Consistent Colors

Strict color palettes create beautiful color harmony and prevent your interface from looking too busy or inconsitent.

Consistent Surface Area

Icons should have proper scale and consistency in surface area. This prevents some icon concepts from looking larger than others.

We have a MASSIVE Icon Library of Quality Icons

It's not enough to have a large selection of icons if they aren't consistent in design and quality. We take care with each icon to make sure you get the most out of your icon collections so you aren't sifting through useless images to find the ones you need.

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