Annual Subscription

Why should I purchase an annual subscription?
The average software development and/or web design company is in need of a wide variety of icons. VirtualLNK has taken a unique approach to this demand by creating icon collections suited for both general-purpose and "industry-specific" applications and websites.

What do I get with my annual subscription?
You will receive access to every stock icon collection listed on our site to use royalty-free, on an unlimited number of projects, now or anytime during your subscription period. You will also receive access to any new collections or updates that are released, free for one year.

What happens when the subscription expires, can I still use the icons?
If you want to continue using the icons in new projects, you will need to renew your subscription. Existing projects that are using the icons will not be affected. This allows companies to minimize initial cost by spreading it over a long period of time, instead of buying each of the collections individually. It also ensures that your applications stay up-to-date with the latest trends in icon and interface design. VirtualLNK takes provide in creating new, innovative collections that match the needs of modern designers and developers.

Do you also offer non-subscription based licensing?
Yes, by purchasing any of our combos or individual collections, you will receive a permanent-use license to use our icons now or anytime in the future. For this type of licensing, we highly recommend our 'complete' combos.

Annual Subscription

Get all the icon sets we have to offer for one low price.

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