Freeware Icons

About our new Freeware Icons Section:
VirtualLNK is dedicated to providing the best icons in the industry and is now providng a freeware icon collections as a service to our valued customers. Please check back often as we plan to continue to expand this section over the next few months. We encourage those who make use of these icons to show support by linking to us.

Freeware Icons Licensing:
Although the icons in this section are provided as "Freeware", our standard licensing still applies. For details regarding this, please read our license agreement.

Looking for Professional Icon Sets?
Our freeware icons section is only a fraction of what VirtualLNK has to offer. We encourage you to check our selection of icon sets.

Credit Card Icons Collection

We have received a large number of inquires regarding the custom credit card icons on our web site and have decided to release it free of charge.

To find out more please see our Credit Card Icons page.